About Sea Cadets

For Youth 12-18

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The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets is a youth program delivered in partnership by The Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defence. The Sea Cadet program is an exciting program that provides opportunities and challenges relevant for today's youth. The program fosters the development of leadership skills, good citizenship and physical fitness.

While the program introduces cadets to 'what' the Navy is all about, Cadets are not members of the Canadian Forces and are free to leave the program at any time.


Why do youth join our program? Cadet Jeremy Powell

  • Family/Friends are already involved (32%*) 
  • Interested in Military (17%)
  • Looking for New Experiences (12%)
  • Want to meet new people (8%)

Why do youth stay in our program?

  • Love the program/It's Fun (43%)
  • Self-Improvement (20%)
  • Opportunities to advance (15%)
  • Friends (11%)
  • Summer Camps (5)%



"Cadets has changed me from a shy, quiet individual, into a confident, and proud leader."

CPO2 Jeremy Powell
40 RCSCC Falkland
Ottawa, ON


The same survey showed that 94% of program participants we either 'Satisfied' or 'Very Satisfied' with the program.



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What do youth 'get' from our program?

In addition to making life-long friends and enjoying experiences they just can't get anywhere else, cadets learn valuable life-skills like leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, organization and effective communication. Our program prepares today's youth to become tomorrow's community leaders. In a 2003 article, Money Sense magazine listed the Canadian Cadet program as one of the top ten ways "To Build a Better Kid"

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps helps youth to realize their potential, and provides an opportunity for them to flourish.

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* Statistical Data from Ipsos Ried, Baseline Survey of Cadets and General Public, January 2006.