Privacy Policy

Information Protection and Privacy

National Policy #5
Approved: January 2004


Policy Statement: The Navy League of Canada, and its agents, shall safeguard all personal information collected and maintained through the course of business operations. This information shall be protected by the best practical means and only used in a manner that is respectful to the privacy rights of the individual as accorded through the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. The National Board of Directors along with each Division Board shall assign a member the role of 'Privacy Officer'. The Privacy Officer is responsible for ensuring compliance with PIPEDA and providing accountability to both our members and the Canadian public.


The Navy League of Canada collects information from individuals when they submit various forms and letters used in the conduct of normal business operations. Any form which collects personal information must reference this notice in order to comply with the Openness principle (Clause 4.8) and the Individual Access principle (Clause 4.9) of the PIPEDA.

Our website tracks access for statistical / market research purposes. However, no personal information is collected by this process. We will never use spyware or other such technologies to collect information without your knowledge and consent.

The Navy League has, from time to time, used Direct Mail services to reach out to non-members in the community. We do not receive personal information through this process, and will refer any requests to the company responsible.

We may from time to time receive information from partner organizations and agencies. In these cases, we will identify the source agency in any request submitted to the Privacy Officer.


How the Navy League uses Personal Information:

1. To maintain contact with members and officers and to develop new members and volunteers.

2. To provide stewardship for members and donors, such as processing awards for service, keeping them updated on programs and services, and soliciting further contributions.

3. To manage our volunteer screening program. Information collected for this program may be shared with:
a. The Government of Canada
b. The Army Cadet League of Canada
c. The Air Cadet League of Canada
d. any other organization or company for which you have listed the Navy League as a reference may receive
information about your length of service, types of duties and a positive or negative recommendation.

4. To provide insurance coverage for our members. Information used for insurance purposes may be shared with:
a. The Government of Canada
b. Our Insurance Broker (BFL Canada)
c. The Underwriter of the particular policy.
d. Our Legal Counsel

5. To promote The Navy League of Canada and its programs, we may provide contact information to media agencies. However, this information will only be released with your specific consent.

6. To facilitate business operations, we may provide basic contact information for officers of the organization (Branch Presidents, Corps CO's, etc) to suppliers, partner organizations or the Government of Canada. With the exception of the Government of Canada, any person, business, or organization requesting this information will be required to sign a specific Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which details how the information will be used and for how long the company may retain this data. MOUs currently in place are as follows:



The Navy League understands the importance of privacy and will use all reasonable means to protect our information. While we cannot discuss specific security arrangements, we maintain a high level of security within our National Office. We are in a secure government building with 24-7 surveillance and employ encryption and other security technologies to protect electronic information


Requests for access or amendment to personal information may be made in writing to:

Privacy Officer
The Navy League of Canada
66 Lisgar Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0C1

Such requests will be responded to, in writing, within 30 days of receipt.

This service will normally be provided without cost to you. However, if the costs to respond to a particular request are deemed to be excessive, the Privacy Officer will notify you of these costs and request payment before proceeding with the request.

Personal information may be maintained until such time as there is a specific request to amend or remove the information in our archives. Names, duration and types of service will be maintained for historical/statistical research purposes.

Volunteer Screening data for declined members will be maintained indefinitely and is not subject to requests for amendments or removal.