Volunteer Screening

Due to our work with youth, The Navy League of Canada has a comprehensive screening program for our volunteers. This program helps us determine if a person is suitable to work with young people and in what capacity they could best serve as a volunteer.

See: Protecting Youth in the Sea Cadet and Navy League Cadet Programmes

Our Program features the following elements:

  • A police records check (PRC)
  • A Vulnerable Sectors Screening (VSS) or Child Abuse Registry Check
  • A local background check
  • A probationary period, including interviews and evaluations
  • A central repository for tracking volunteers working with cadets 

  • Photo ID for screened members
  • An identification verification system and safety guidelines for volunteer drivers
  • Comprehensive Harassment & Abuse and Cadet Safety policies 
  • The ability to share information with other youth organizations
  • The requirement to be re-screened every 5 years

We understand that some people may find this process cumbersome, but we ask for your patience and understanding. The Navy League has both a legal and moral obligation to provide an environment where our cadets can safely learn and grow.

  • To apply as a volunteer, you will need to complete an Application Form.
  • Current volunteers near the end of their approved period will need to complete a Renewal Form.
  • You will need to supply a photograph to produce your ID Card (see Photo Specifications)

Complete instructions and requirements are included on each form.

The Screening Program is managed by our Volunteer Screening Coordinators. They are provided with a Screening  Coordinator's Handbook, Driver's Log and Screening Log Sheets.

The local Volunteer Screening Coordinator will brief you on our Harassment and Abuse Policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy, the Volunteer Screening Policy, and Cadet Safety Policy. They will help you complete the Screening Process and then submit the paperwork to a Division Screening Coordinator for additional checks.

Completed applications are processed by our National Office and stored in accordance with our Information Protection and Privacy Policy. Once you have been approved, you will receive your Volunteer ID in the mail. Declined volunteers will be notified by letter.

Questions about our volunteer screening program may be directed to the National Screening Coordinator at: volunteer@navyleague.ca