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 The Navy League of Canada recognizes the importance of Post-Secondary education to the future success of its Cadet Members. We encourage all cadets to apply themelves to their studies, and believe that the important lifeskills developed through cadet training (self-discipline, organization, teamwork, etc.) help prepare youth to tackle the challenges of college or university education. However, for many Canadian youth, the economic burden is too great, causing them to miss out on the tremendous opportunities that come with higher education. For this reason, The Navy League of Canada is committed to providing scholarship opportunities for cadets that have demonstrated the will to achieve.


Maritime Affairs Scholarship

  • The Navy League of Canada provides 2 Maritime Affairs Scholarships, presently valued at $1500.00 each; to currently serving Sea Cadets entering an accredited post-secondary program with a maritime focus.

These scholarships are intended to assist with tuition and may not be awarded where the Government provides free tuition eg. enrolment in the Canadian Forces, acceptance at the Canadian Coast Guard College, or by grant covering the cost of tuition.

Scholarship cheques will be made payable to the institute being attended.

1. Completed "NL(104)E" Form and following documentation:

2. Personal letter of application from candidate, including information on name and location of University/Community College to be attended, and the course of study to be taken. The applicant should indicate in their personal letter how their field of study relates to ‘Maritime Affairs’ and what factors led to this career choice.

3. Original certificate, or certified copy of final marks, as issued be responsible educational authorities, which records examination results, be subject, upon which admission to the College is based.

NOTE: Where final marks for the school year are not available until August, mid-year marks MUST be submitted at the time of original application to allow for preliminary consideration.

4. Letter from the Commanding Officer of the Corps attended by the candidate, certifying that the candidate was a Royal Canadian Sea Cadet in good standing for at least twenty-four months, the name and location of the Corps, and recommendations on the candidate.

5. Recommendation of Branch President responsible for the Corps.

6. Recommendation of Division President responsible for the Corps.

7. OPTIONAL - other letters of recommendation from teachers, clergy, etc.


To submitted through the Navy League Branch responsible for the Corps of which the candidate was a member, to the responsible Division, to the National Office, The Navy League of Canada.

Duly completed Application Forms and other supporting documentation (as previously listed) MUST be received at the National Office NO LATER THAN 31 July of each year. EXCEPTIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Receipt of initial application will be acknowledged direct to applicant. Thereafter, the candidate is responsible for ensuring that all relevant information reaches National Office by the closing date. Final marks MUST be in the National Office by the close of business AUGUST 14.

Final Selection of recipients will take place in early September.

All recipients will be advised immediately of their selection and the amount of their particular scholarship.

All scholarship recipients will also receive a certificate from National Council.


Other Cadet Scholarships:

 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation

  • The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation, which is separate organization funds a variety of scholarships $5,000, $3,000, $2,000 and $1000.
  • The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Education Foundation proudly acknowledges the support of the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund. The Education Foundation and the RCNBF awards scholarships annually to serving and former Royal Canadian Sea Cadets entering their first year in:

a) University Course leading to a degree,
b) Community College or Technical Institute leading to a diploma, and
c) Must be an active serving cadet at the time of application.

 For additional information on the RCSCEF and its scholarship program - please click here.


Chief Petty Officer Jack Scholarship

An educational trust fund has been established in memory of Chief Petty Officer Andrew McQueen Jack. The trust is administered by the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund (RCNBF) who also acts as selection committee for the award of scholarships for students attending university.

The selection committee stresses citizenship, the development of leadership, and an interest in Canada and in maritime activities. The awards are not limited to first year, but may be applied for in any year, and for any course of study which meets the above criteria.

The trust fund award grants or scholarships of $1000.00 to:

1. former members of the Naval Forces of Canada and their dependents; and,

2. serving and former members of the Sea Element of the Canadian Forces of Canada and their dependents.

Thus, Royal Canadian Sea Cadets whose parent (s) or grandparent (s) is a member or former member are eligible to apply.

Further details can be obtained from the bursary and award section of University calendars, or by writing to:

The Secretary Treasurer
Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Fund
P.O. Box 505, Station B
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5P6

Application for the CPO Jack Scholarship is made direct to RCNBF at the above address.

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