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Kids Help Phone Kids Help Phone is a Canadian and world leader known for our expertise and continuous innovation as Canada’s only 24/7 counselling and information service for young people. Since 1989, our trained, professional counsellors have been listening to kids, often when no one else can or will. We are always there – supporting young people wherever and whenever they need us most.

Maritime Security Challenges In existence since 2005, the biennial Maritime Security Challenges (MSC) conference, located in Victoria, BC, is the only conference of its kind in Canada. With over 200 international delegates from military and related maritime industries attending this bienniel event, the conference attracts an exclusive senior contingent of professionals involved in all aspects of maritime operations and security, from thought-leaders, to academics, to industry suppliers, to well-known and accomplished subject matter experts, from all over the world.

Project Ojibwa, the  largest endeavour ever undertaken by the museum, saw the Canadian Oberon Class submarine HMCS Ojibwa moved to Port Burwell, Ontario and mounted on cradles where it has become the first and largest artifact of The Museum of Naval History

Rendez-Vous Navale- Quebec:

Wreaths Across Canada Wreaths Across Canada Inc. is a non-profit organization started in 2007 by Craig McPhee a veteran of the Canadian Forces. It is based on the Wreaths Across America organization that started in 1992 at Arlington Cemetery and has now spread to 300 military cemeteries in the United States.

Sea Cadets:


ISCA: – Official Site of The International Sea Cadet Association. This site contains information about the association and all member nations.

Australian Navy Cadets: http://www.cadetnet.govau/anc - The Australian Navy Cadets have launched their National Website. This is the first time in the history of the Australian Navy cadets that they have had an online presence.

Bermuda Sea Cadets:

German Sea Cadets:

Netherlands Sea Cadets:

South African Sea Cadets:

US Naval Sea Cadets:

UK Sea Cadets:

Belgian Royal Sea Cadets:



Cadets Canada: - The portal to the Cadets Online - Cadet branches (national cadet web site). This portal also provides links to the Navy League, Army Cadet League, Air Cadet League and Cadet Instructors Cadre web sites.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards: – This exciting and challenging Awards Program is open to all young Canadians. Many Cadets complete the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Requirements.

HMCS Acadia Alumni: - The HMCS ACADIA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION was created to give opportunities for cadets, officers, civilian instructors, support staff, parents, friends and supporters to contribute to the continued success of HMCS ACADIA.

HMCS Quadra Alumni: - The Alumni Association of HMCS QUADRA is a federal not-for-profit corporation formed to develop and encourage camaraderie and fraternity amongst serving and former members of the Ship's Company of HMCS QUADRA.



RCSCC Agamemnon: - (Windsor, ON)

RCSCC Calgary: - (Calgary, AB)

RCSCC Captain Vancouver - (Vancouver, BC)

RCSCC Cayuga: - (Wainwright, AB)

RCSCC Centurion: - (Kanata, ON)

RCSCC Columbia: - (Aldergrove, BC)

RCSCC Effie Morrissey: – (Brigus, NF)

RCSCC Falkland: – (Ottawa, ON)

RCSCC Howe: - (Peterborough, ON)

RCSCC Iron Duke: - (Burlington, ON)

RCSCC Jervis Bay: – (Saskatoon, SK)

RCSCC Admiral Budge - (Sidney, BC)

RCSCC Admiral Mountbatten: - (Sudbury, ON)

RCSCC Admiral Mountbatten Alumni Association: This link is for all former RCSCC Adm Mountbatten Sea Cadets that wish to stay in contact with their friends & officers, and also to help out with the Corps that brought them together.

RCSCC Patriot: - (Newmarket, ON)

RCSCC Rainbow: - (Victoria, BC)

RCSCC Repulse: - (Sarnia,ON)

RCSCC Rodney:– (Saint John, NB)

RCSCC Undaunted: - (Calgary, AB)

RCSCC Vanguard: - - (Toronto, ON)

RCSCC Warrior: - (Edmonton, AB)

RCSCC Hardwood: (Ajax, ON)

RCSCC Niagara: (Niagara Falls, ON)


Navy League Cadets:


United States Navy League: – The official site of our neighbours south of the border.

Australia Navy League: - Official homepage



Alberta Division: – This site is always up to date and services all League members and cadets in Alberta.

Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario Division - 

Magnificent Squadron: - Magnificent Squadron (Ontario Division) now has their own web site!  Included are the manuals we made for both Boatswains and Marksmanship.

Local Branches 

Ajax/Pickering Branch: (Ajax, ON and Pickering, ON area)

Calgary Branch: (Calgary, AB)

Juan de Fuca Branch: (Victoria, BC)

Kingston Branch: (Kingston, ON)

Northumberland Branch: (Port Hope, Ontario)

Sudbury Branch: (Sudbury, ON)


Local Corps 

122 NLCC Admiral Martin - (Sidney, BC)

127 NLCC Admiral RH Falls: (Victoria, BC)

21 NLCC Captain Jackson: - (Calgary, AB)

118 NLCC Carinthia: - (Newmarket/ON)

55 NLCC CB Hill: – (Edmonton, AB)

107 NLCC Deux Montagnes: - (Deux Montagnes, QC)

48 NLCC Micmac: - Halifax

81 NLCC Polynia: -  

44 NLCC Sudbury: (Sudbury, ON)

138 NLCC Drummond: (Niagara Falls, ON)


Maritime Affairs:


Canadian Coast Guard: – Official Homepage of the Canadian Coast Guard.

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA): - The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary (CCGA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to Search and Rescue (SAR) and safe boating activities.

Central & Arctic Region

Canadian Hydrographic Service: - A must for any boater! CHS provides up to date charts and other critical navigation and safety information.

Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies: - Established in 1976, the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies has gained wide recognition as the nation's foremost source of independent information and research on a broad range of issues affecting Canada. It satisfies a need for a body of informed opinion on strategic and security issues and stimulates greater public awareness of national and international developments.

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments: - CSBA is an independent, nonprofit public policy research institute established to promote innovative thinking about defense planning and investment strategies for the 21st century.

Global Security: - A website dedicated to global defence and strategic planning.

Market Access Report: - Outlines Canada’s trade priorities and information with respect to the report.

Strategic Forecasting: - Stategic Forecasting offers up-to-date information on geopolitics, economics, and global security issues. Full use of the site requires a subscription ($7.95 US per month or $79.95 US per year)



Canadian Navy: – It is the best source of current and historical Canadian Navy information.

Canadian Navy Youth Page: - Interactive games for youth, complements of the Canadian Navy!

Canadian Defence Review: - News from Canada's Defence Industries.

Battle of Atlantic (UK): - This is Great Britain's official website for the Battle of Atlantic ceremonies.

Canadian Military Journal:

Canadian Submarines: A site that provides information (historical and current) about the role of submarines in Canada's Navy. This site includes books for purchase. (The Navy League of Canada does not endorse any products or services.)

Canadian War Museum: – Located in Ottawa, the Canadian War Museum is an excellent source of historical naval information.

Center for Army Lessons Learned: - CALL is a little-known trove of modern military history. Perhaps the most brilliant of this Web site's many facets is the link to the Foreign Military Studies Office, an organization of soldier-scholars who study other people's wars. The FMSO Web site includes lengthy analyses of everything from Russian mistakes made against Muslim militants in Chechnya to ambush tactics from the last war in Afghanistan.

Conference of Defence Associations: - The aim of the CDA, with a membership of over 600,000, is to contribute to beneficial defence policy and effective armed forces. It seeks to achieve this objective through a combination of advice to government and public information. The public information and education function is carried out by the CDA Institute.



Frontline Magazine: - Together, Frontline Defence and Frontline Security provide authoritative articles and commentary covering the full spectrum of defence, security and public safety issues in Canada.


History of Canada's Military: - A personal website dedicated to all members of the Canadian military, past and present.

HMCS Charlottetown: - Official Homepage of HMCS Charlottetown, one of Canada’s ultramodern Patrol Frigates.

HMCS Haida: - Visit HMCS Haida, "The Fightingest Ship in the Royal Canadian Navy". HMCS Haida is now a museum ship and a national historic site located in Toronto, ON.

HMCS Navy Ships: - This site exhibits Pat Burstall's prints of Canadian navy ships. Ms Burstall, Artist-in-Residence for the Maritime Command Museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been making paintings of Canadian navy ships since 1985. Her works are in a number of private and public collections.

HMCS Oriole: - The oldest commissioned ship in the Canadian Navy, this majestic 90' ketch was built in 1921 and has served the Canadian Navy since 1943.



HMCS Sackville: - HMCS Sackville (berthed in Halifax, NS) is Canada's National Naval Memorial, and the last of 120 Corvettes built during the Second World War.

HMCS Winnipeg: – Official Homepage of HMCS Winnipeg, one of Canada’s ultramodern Patrol Frigates.

MARPAC Media Briefs: - Maritime Command Pacific prepares daily media briefs covering significant global events. You can also subscribe to the daily e-mail version by sending a message to:

NATO: - The official website for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. - Specialist publishers and sellers of Naval books. Publishers of Warship World magazine.

Naval Museum of Quebec: - The Museum is closely linked to the Naval Complex at Pointe-à-Carcy, and specialised on history of the Battle of the St. Lawrence and the Naval Reserve of Canada.
Naval Officers' Association of Canada:

Naval Reserve Headquarters: – Official site of NAVRES HQ in Quebec.

The Organization of Military Museums of Canada: - The OMMC is an association of peoples and organizations who have a common interest in the operation of military museums, the history of the Canadian military at home and abroad, the preservation and display of military artifacts and militaria, and the re-enactment of military operations.

Royal Navy: - The official website for the Royal Navy.

Seasoned Sailors: - A remarkable piece of our Canadian Naval Heritage, the Seasoned Sailors video series includes interviews and personal accounts of some of Canada's great naval hero's of WW2. Highly recommended for anyone interested in naval history.

Ships and Unit Badges: - Featuring a list that provides links to ship and unit badges of the Canadian Navy.

The U-Boat Hunters: – This site chronicles the role of the Canadian Navy during the Second World War.

United States D of D: - The official website of the United States Department of National Defence.

United States Navy: - The official web site of the United States Navy. The "Fact File" contains entries detailing different types of ships, aircraft, and weapons. And the "Status of the Navy" gives both the exact number of ships and sailors in the fleet and how many are at sea at any given time.

US Navy Times: – This site hosts information on the US navy.


Canadian Marine Manufactures Association: – The CMMA site will be of interest to any boating enthusiast.

Canadian Ship Owners’ Association: – All you want to know about Canadian Shipping, including The Great Lakes and The Arctic.

Great Lakes Pilotage Authority: – A key site for Great Lakes Travel. Learn about travel on the world’s largest inland waterway.

Institute for Marine Dynamics: – The Institute for Marine Dynamics is a department of the National Research Council. Explore the future in Naval and Maritime Technology.

Marine Talk: - A gateway to the global marine industry, principally targeted towards marine professionals.

Maritime Global Net: – Keep up to date on the International Maritime World shipping news.

Nautical Data International: – Contains information on Electronic Chart Systems.

Port of Halifax: - Information about Canada's major east coast port from the Halifax - Dartmouth Port Development Commission.

Ship Building Association of Canada: – Learn about Canada’s Ship Building Industry.

Shipping News: – All the latest on the Merchant Navy and Shipbuilding Industries.


Ducks Unlimited: - Ducks Unlimited is a private non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the conservation of wetlands for the benefit of North America's waterfowl, wildlife and People.

Great Lakes Kids: - VERY good website that includes success stories and educational resources. Please visit the "Great Lakes Kids" page - it's tailored to kids around 10 -12 ages.

Our Great Lakes: - Environment Canada's Great Lakes web page. An excellent educational resource for all ages.


Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons: - Welcome Aboard! A nationwide organization emphasizing boating safety, power and sail navigation and offering accredited boating courses.

Lifesaving Society: - Canada's Lifeguarding Experts are now online with a comprehensive site regarding water safety issues.



Other Links:

Cadet Sites – National

Army Cadets: – National Homepage of the Army Cadets.

Army Cadet League: – Homepage of the civilian agency that works in partnership with DND to provide the Army Cadet Movement to Canadians.

Air Cadets: – National Homepage of the Air Cadets.

Air Cadet League: – Official website of the Air Cadet League of canada

Cadet Sites – Regional

Central Region Cadet Headquarters: - (CRCHQ) Administers Cadet programs within Ontario. This site is mostly of interest to CIC officers within Ontario.


Affiliated Organisations

Canadian Power and Sail Squadron: – The Navy League of Canada is in partnership with CPS to deliver safe boating training to all Navy League Cadets. They offer Coast Guard accredited training to all Canadian Boaters.

Canadian Yachting Association: – The authority on Sail Training within Canada. Both Sea Cadets and Navy League Cadets receive CYA certifications as a part of training.

Exchanges Canada: - Exchanges Canada is a Government of Canada initiative that creates opportunities for young Canadians to connect with one another and experience the diversity of Canadian communities, languages and cultures. Exchanges Canada also provides access to information on all sorts of exchange programs and activities available in Canada and abroad.

Naval Officers Association of Canada: – The authority on Naval Affairs in Canada. The NOAC publishes the Maritime Affairs newsletter. The Navy League of Canada provides funding for this publication and contributes frequent articles.

Royal Canadian Legion: – One of the many roles played by this important Canadian Institution is the local sponsorship of countless cadet units coast to coast.


Other Links

Nauticalia Ltd: – This British company provides a wide variety of nautical merchandise and gifts, enough to make any wardroom complete.