Planned Giving

‘Planned giving’ refers to the many ways you can optimize the benefits of your donation for both yourself and the charity. Establishing a legacy through a planned gift to The Navy League of Canada ensures your lasting contribution to Canada and future generations of community builders.

What is ‘The Admirals Circle’?

When you leave a gift in your estate plan, you will be invited to join our Admirals Circle. Your name will be placed on our National Honour Roll of contributors and you have the option to receive information about our activities, programs and informative updates about our organization through our newsletter and correspondence.

Why leave a bequest to The Navy League of Canada?

Many people choose to make a lasting impression by leaving a gift to organizations and causes that they believe in. Your gift to our organization will ensure that the Navy League is there to continue to make a difference through the next generation of cadets and in their communities. Think of your generosity as building a bridge between the past and the future as you help to ensure that what you value today will continue to carry on tomorrow.

What are some of the ways I can donate through planned giving?

There are many options and some of the most common ones include:

• bequests of money or property made through a Will;

• gifts of life insurance;

• charitable remainder trusts;

• stocks, shares and equity mutual funds.

There are many different ways to leave a lasting legacy to The Navy League of Canada, and discussions with your legal or financial advisor along with your family and the financial officer at the Navy League can help you to determine which options are the best for you.


Bequests of money or property made through a Will

This can involve a specific gift amount, a residuary gift (what remains of your estate after taxes, legal and administrative fees, and gifts to heirs), or a contingent gift (in event that none of your beneficiaries are alive at the time of your death).


Gifts of Life Insurance

By giving through life insurance you can:

• make a substantial charitable donation for a comparatively small premium

• become a major benefactor right now, rather than waiting years to make your gift from accumulated assets

• gain tax benefits and guarantee the value of your gift will not be reduced by taxes, probate or administrative costs

• make a significant gift of funds that are considered independent of your estate, and therefore cannot be challenged

• keep your gift private and confidential.


Charitable Remainder Trusts

An establishment of charitable remainder trusts provides flexibility when planning your estate and offers a means of directing your assets and making future gifts to a charitable organization you support such as The Navy League of Canada.


Gifts of Stocks, Shares and Equity Mutual Funds

Many donors find that giving a listed security or investment such as stocks, shares and equity mutual funds allows them to make an important contribution while offering significant tax benefits to you.

By planning your gift, your generous contribution will help The Navy League of Canada continue to make a difference through the next generation of cadets, today and always. For more information about these planned giving opportunities, please take a moment to discuss these options with your legal or financial advisor.

We here at The Navy League of Canada will be pleased to assist you with your donation and to answer any additional questions you may have. On behalf of all our members and cadets we thank you once again for your continued support and your interest in our planned giving program.