Navy League Cadets

Navy League Cadets get to do a lot of fun, interesting activities, in an environment that emphasises teamwork. The Navy League Cadet Program is a great place to make friends and do things you wouldn't get to do anywhere else.

Sea Cadets

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets is a youth program delivered in partnership by The Navy League of Canada and the Department of National Defence. The Sea Cadet program is an exciting program that provides opportunities and challenges relevant for today's youth.

Maritime Affairs

Since 1895, The Navy League of Canada has been concerned with the prosperity of Canada’s agricultural, industrial, and business sectors, in generating economic expansion as facilitated by good marine transportation, maritime safety and protection, and trade facilities, as well as contributing to the assurance that we will always have a relevant and sustainable Navy – ready and able.

Navy League Members

Visit this section of the website to find all material that is necessary for members of the Navy League. From official forms and publications to best practices, the Navy League Member’s section has what you need.


The Navy League of Canada was established in 1895 to promote an interest in Maritime Affairs generally throughout Canada.Today, The Navy League of Canada has a presence in over 260 Canadian communities. Our youth programs benefit 15,000 young Canadians every year, and we continue to grow.

The modern Navy League focuses on three key programs:
Maritime Affairs
Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
Navy League Cadets

Latest News

April 29, 2016The Navy League of Canada Presents J.J. Kinley Award

OTTAWA - The Navy League of Canada is pleased to announce that the crew of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Des Groseilliers have been awarded the J.J. Kinley Award. The...

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April 29, 2016The Navy League of Canada Presents RI Hendy Award

OTTAWA- The Navy League of Canada is pleased to announce that Commodore Brian Santarpia has been awarded the Robert I. Hendy Award. This award was announced on Friday,...

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April 6, 2016TS ROYALIST Deployment - 2016

From 26 Sep to 5 Oct 16 (including travel), 12 (six male and six female) Sea Cadets will deploy to the United Kingdom to sail aboard the Training Ship (TS) ROYALIST. TS...

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